Security Services

Security Servicing & Installation

Intruder Alarms

A highly-visible deterrent for unwanted visitors on domestic or commercial properties.

One of the most basic yet effective methods of preventing intruders is with visible alarms on the exterior of your building. Most criminals want to get in and out of a property as quickly and quietly as possible, without raising any suspicion, which is why alarms are such a good deterrent – their risk is immediately increased.

Most commercial buildings and a good proportion of residential properties already have them installed, so whether you are looking to have some intruder alarms fitted, replaced, or maintained, Aspire is able to help. As with all of our services, we fit intruder alarms to BSI regulation standard to ensure quality and reliability.

You can increase the security of your premises by combining our intruder alarms with other services, such as CCTV or alarm monitoring, which will immediately send a notification to a person of your choosing when the alarm is raised.

CCTV Systems

See what's going on at your residential or commercial property, night or day.

It’s hard to walk down a street these days without being captured on either a residential or commercial property’s CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. Most retail and commercial properties now have at least a basic CCTV system installed, but there are many different types of camera and many different features available to you when planning the best system for your requirements.

Aspire can assist you in selecting and installing the most appropriate types of cameras to suit your purpose in the locations most suitable to cover the largest area for the most cost-effective price possible. For example, it may be just as effective to use one “dome” camera as opposed to 2 static ones – let us help you make the right choice for your home or business.

The more advanced CCTV systems also enable you to integrate them with other security or fire warning systems, such as fire alarms and access control systems. This gives you extra peace-of-mind and the best chance of combatting potential threats to your business as early as possible.

Access Control

Prevent access to your building through a variety of different control systems.

Controlling who enters your commercial property should be high on the list of must-have security measures. There are a number of options available when deciding which access control to implement, so why not talk to Aspire to lean on their years of experience in this field?

You will be familiar with the most basic of access control systems, such as keypad door entry and video intercoms, and these may be just what you require, but we are also able to supply and install more advanced systems, including magnetic/proximity card readers that can be programmed to grant access to their holders at certain times of the day or in restricted parts of your building.

Aspire will gladly come to your site to assess your requirements and suggest the best access control system for you. If required, training can be given to staff to allow them to grant and revoke access to cards whenever necessary, for example when a member of staff leaves your organisation or you have a guest on site.

Alarm Monitoring

Ensure somebody responds to the security systems you have put in place when needed.

So you have your CCTV system, intruder alarms, and access control in place – but when an alarm is triggered, what is actually going to happen? The worst-case scenario is nothing – the alarm will sound, but if there is nobody on-site to hear it, what’s the use? That is where our alarm monitoring service comes in – Aspire can configure your security systems to automatically inform us (or any other service/person of your choosing) as soon as the alarm detects something untoward.

When the notification is received, we will contact the relevant authorities and/or the keyholders for the premises to ensure the appropriate response is actioned straight away and damage to your business is minimised.

For a small monthly fee, the peace-of-mind our alarm monitoring service provides is invaluable. Don’t rely on a worried member of staff remembering the correct procedure should a fire break out, or assume someone will hear your intruder alarm and call the police – that’s just not going to happen. Trust the professionals at Aspire to handle the situation for you.