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Electrical Servicing & Installations

Fire Alarm Systems

Aspire supply and install fire alarm systems across the UK.

At Aspire, we have the expertise to install any of the various types of fire alarm systems in any type of building. From residential properties to warehouses and office blocks and everything in-between, we have many years experience supplying, installing and maintaining these essential safety features.

There are three main types of fire alarm systems available. The first, conventional panels, are the most basic type of system and if budget is a major factor in your decision making process then these may be the best option. Addressable systems take conventional panels one step further by having the added benefit of highlighting exactly which detector has raised the alarm, thus ensuring the cause is quickly and easily found. The newest and most technologically-advanced type are wireless detection systems, which naturally need only a place to be mounted and are more stylish than the conventional wired systems.

There are strict regulations for the installation of fire alarms in the UK, so if you are unsure of the specific type of system you require, we are happy to carry out a free site survey and do a full fire risk assessment and advise, impartially, on what we would recommend as the best solution – all of our installations comply to the British Standards required by law.

Emergency Lighting & Signs

Supply and installation of emergency fire signage and lighting from Aspire Fire & Security.

The installation of appropriate lighting and signage in case of emergency is strictly controlled by the British Standard BS 5266-1:2011 “in order to provide the lighting performance needed for safe movement of people in the event of the supply to normal lighting failing”.

All of the emergency signage and lighting installations we carry out are done so to meet these regulations, so you can be sure your legal requirements are met. We are capable of supplying and installing these essential safety items in small retail outlets to the largest of commercial buildings, just ask!

There are many rules governing which signage and lighting to use and the specific locations at which they are legally required, so don’t take any risks – get the experts, Aspire, in for a free consultation and risk assessment.

Aspirated Systems

If rapid fire detection is what you need, an aspirated smoke detection system may be the solution.

An aspirated fire detection system is designed to detect smoke before the fire has even developed. In fact, it can be so efficient at sniffing out smoke that it can pick it up before it’s visible to the naked eye.

Using an extractor fan, the system constantly monitors the air flowing through its pipe network, detecting smoke particles by the light they scatter within its laser smoke detection chamber. Regular smoke detectors are usually located on ceilings, meaning they are only effective once a fire has already taken hold – so if your requirements call for as early detection as possible, an aspirated system could be just what you require.

Other benefits include being able to customise the detection sensitivity, and contrary to what you may thing, the surrounding air does not have to be impeccably clean as this type of system will work in most environments, including warehouses and cold rooms.

This kind of technology may seem like something from the future, but Aspire can supply, install and maintain aspirated systems today, so please contact us for more details or to arrange a free site survey.

AOV Systems

Aspire can assess your requirements and supply, install and maintain two types of AOV systems.

Due to investigations into smoke inhalation when a fire occurs, building regulations have recently been updated to include recommendations as to the type of ventilation buildings must now have.

An AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) system does what its name suggests – in the event of a fire, sensors instruct vents located at strategic points to open, thus clearing the smoke out of the important areas, such as walkways, allowing for an easier exit.

At Aspire, we can supply and install either Single-Zone or Multi-Zone AOV systems. The type of system you require will depend on the number of vents required, and we would be more than happy to come and assess your requirements for free. You can rest assured that our AOV installations adhere to the industry standard BS EN 12101 regulations.

Mechanical Servicing & Installations

Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system from Aspire is a cost-effective method of fire suppression for your property.

You have probably noticed these before – little nozzles mounted in the ceilings, usually of retail or commercial buildings, that are designed to automatically shower the area below it with water upon detection of a fire in that particular zone.

Sprinklers are an excellent way to quickly extinguish fires, especially in areas that the fire brigade struggle to access, such as multi-storey buildings. However, water is not always the best option when it comes to suppressing fires as it can also cause damage to equipment, such as computers and machinery, so we would encourage you to contact us to discuss your exact requirements and arrange a free site survey if required.

We are able to supply, install and maintain a few different types of sprinkler systems (ie wet systems, dry systems, deluge systems, and a system that is a hybrid of all three), and which one you choose will depend on both your budget and the facilities available in your property. Our fire risk assessment service will be able to determine the most appropriate system for you, so please feel free to ask our advice.

Fire Suppression Systems

Extinguish fires incredibly quickly by installing a gas fire suppression system.

Should the worst happen and a fire breaks out in your building, you need a system that extinguishes it as quickly, effectively, and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

That is where our gas fire suppression system comes in – the cylinders contain FM200 gas which eliminates the heat element fires need (along with oxygen and fuel) in less than 10 seconds, ensuring the affected area is extinguished extremely efficiently and with no left-over residue that is typically associated with other fire suppression systems such as sprinklers or mist systems.

An added benefit of FM200 is that it is perfectly safe to use within occupied areas as it is classed as a “clean agent”. In fact, it is so harmless to humans that it is used as a propellant in asthma inhalers. There is an environmental benefit of using FM200 systems, too, as the gas does not deplete the ozone at all.

This type of fire suppression system requires a network of pipes around your building, so Aspire can either design and install the best solution for you, or work with your existing network if there is a suitable one already in place. We would encourage you to contact us so we can determine and design the right type of fire suppression system for you.

Portable Mist Systems

Our portable mist systems offer a quick and effective method of fire suppression, domestically or in the workplace.

One of the most recent developments in the field of fire suppression are mist systems. These are designed to create a fine mist (opposed to a stream of water like conventional sprinkler systems) so as to cut down the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere whilst simultaneously increasing the amount of moisture, creating an environment in which fires cannot develop or spread.

The mist systems we supply, install and maintain are also portable, making them an ideal choice for temporary requirements as well. They only need a standard mains socket or fused spur to function, and there is much less risk to surrounding equipment when compared to sprinkler systems, however we would still advise carrying out a full risk assessment prior to making your final decision when choosing a fire suppression option for home or workplace. We offer a free site survey to ensure we advise on the most appropriate solution, so please get in touch to arrange one.

These mist systems have been designed to suppress fires within a 16m² area and controlling double that area by continuously distributing water droplets of a specific size for 10 minutes. The in-built detector is ideal for detecting slow smouldering fires as well as fast burning ones and has an in-built wireless auto-dialler, though it can also be easily integrated with your existing systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Aspire can assess your requirements and supply and install the requisite types of fire extinguishers whatever the building.

A seemingly obvious requirement for every commercial property, the importance of fire extinguishers should not be underestimated. Due to the various types and causes of fire, there are a number of corresponding extinguishers (water, CO2, powder, foam and we chemical) – using the wrong one on a fire could make the situation even worse. Therefore, Aspire provides a full risk assessment at your premises, then supplies and installs the relevant types of extinguishers at the legally-appropriate points.

To ensure the functionality of the devices are not compromised over time, we carry out a yearly service on each extinguisher and once they have reached their life expectancy of usually between 5 or 10 years, we also provide a more in-depth service and recharge.

Don’t forget to ensure the staff at your business are suitably equipped to deal with a fire should the need arise – our fire safety training service can provide them with the skills they need to successfully operate a fire extinguisher.

Dry and Wet Risers

A legal requirement for buildings over a certain height, dry and wet risers are an important system in fighting fires.

Wet and dry risers are not just a vital fire suppression method, they are a legal requirement in many buildings. If your premises (regardless of use) is under 60 metres tall and at least 18 metres above sea level, a dry riser is required. If your building (again, residential or commercial) is above 60 metres, then you are legally required to install a wet riser system. The differences between the two systems are explained below.

Dry Risers

This type of system is essentially just a network of empty pipes running through the walls of your building, connecting to fire suppression devices such as sprinklers. They are designed to be filled with liquid (usually water) to extinguish the fire by the fire brigade upon their arrival.

Wet Risers

These are similar in function to dry risers but are constantly full of water, allowing detection systems to be integrated into the risers so when a fire is detected the water is released instantly without the need of the fire brigade.

A number of factors determine which type of riser your premises will require, so we would advise getting in touch to arrange a FREE site survey, or to request a risk assessment of your individual needs.

Fire Risk Assessments

The first step to identifying potential hazards in your non-domestic premises.

If your non-domestic property (ie office, retail outlet, warehouse) has 5 or more people working there, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement, as laid out by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Aspire has many years experience in assessing all types of buildings for risks in the event of fire, taking all aspects of the RRO into account to ensure your building conforms to the legal requirements to which you must adhere.

Upon completion of the fire risk assessment, we will provide you with a full report of our findings and recommendations, and are able to supply, install and maintain any fire prevention devices and suppression systems you require. Please contact us to arrange your fire risk assessment.